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Welcome to ReelProjects!

ReelProjects was created for those who contribute in any way, whether a single person or an entity, to the making of films, commercials or the filmmaking industry as a whole.

Eventual Features

  • Profile
  • ReelNetworking
  • BaseCamp
  • MyContacts
  • MyReel
  • Dashboard
  • Directory
  • MyCalendar
  • ReelStore
  • MovieHouse
  • ScreenPlays
  • ReelFunding
  • Resources
  • G.A.M.E PLAN (Goals,Accountability,Mentor,Exec)
  • ScriptFeedback/Consulting
  • ReelWebinars
  • Graphic Design
  • LegalCorner
  • Duplication/Replication
  • A Little Bit About Our Company

    We strongly believe that our members should have a hand in shaping the company as the business grows, not some investor who only cares for the bottom line. We know there are thousands of websites for many of these services already; ReelProjects wants to help filmmakers stay organized, save time, and create more projects for everyone to work on.



    Eventual Features

    When completed, ReelProjects will be the only website that incorporates all aspects of independent filmmaking from conception, acquiring funds, and legal guidance, through pre-production and the entire production process, and continuing into post-production editing, marketing, sales, and tracking.  ReelProjects provides full directories for assembling cast, crew, gear, and locations.  It offers tools and resources for educating, networking, competing, organizing, promoting and running their brand as a business. There are over 70 separate tools and resources that make networking and marketing to finding and creating  projects more efficient and better organized.

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    "ReelProjects is the 1-Stop-Shop for incorporating all aspects of independent filmmaking. From conception, through post, and to marketing and beyond!"


    Our CrowdFunding Campaign

    It takes a lot of money to create the best website in the filmmaking industry; We can get a great start for $500k; for a truly remarkable experience for our members with more features and resources, we are aiming to raise more than $1,000,000. Please check out our campaign there are cash drawings and a contest in addition to the normal perks for contributions.

    -The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign link to be placed on the home page (although not yet live):


    Please provide us with an email. It will do 3 things for you.

    • First, send us your email. By providing your email before our official Crowdfunding Campaign Launch, you are immediately entered into the $1,000 Cash Drawing!
    • Second, stay in the inner circle, with updates about our Crowdfunding Campaign milestones, offers, and other contests.
    • Last, but not least, receive your personal INVITE to the red carpet premier of our final site.



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    This is not the final website and through the crowdfunding efforts we will develop the eventual features